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Course Category: Challenges


For further challenges see the One Word At A Time handout, available in the Resources section of the Club. Complete these challenges at your leisure….

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Write on the theme ‘almost’. Watch the video for full instructions and don’t forget to post your results in the community here.

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Community A Workshop Spin Off Challenge Inspired by discussion during the Adding Local History workshop. Write about “community”. Did your ancestors have a sense of…

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Character Archetypes

Character Archetypes A Workshop Spin Off Challenge Review the character archetypes by watching the Advanced Secrets of Story Structure OR by downloading and reading the…

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Instruments Musical or Tools Write about an instrument used by your ancestor. This could be a musical instrument or it could be a tool, as…

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Day Five: Sharing

Day Five of the #ReclaimJane Challenge. Things to consider about sharing your work – what and where? Come and share your progress here in the…

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Day Four: Editing

Day Four of the #ReclaimJane Challenge. Edit your story. Don’t be afraid of the grammar police! Come and share your progress here in the Forums!

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Day Three: Writing

Day Three of the #ReclaimJane Challenge. Time to start writing! Get some hints and tips to maximise your creativity….and avoid getting hung up on editing….

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Day Two: Timelines

Day Two of the #ReclaimJane Challenge. Create ancestor timeline Create historical timeline – See for How To Add Historical Context Workshop for more help) Come…

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Day One: Which Jane?

Day One of the #ReclaimJane Challenge. Choose your Jane Set your constraints Decide your S.T.O.R.Y Structure (see Secrets of Story Structure Workshop for more help)…

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