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Course Category: Beginner

What is Substack?

Joe Saunders provides an introduction to blogging tool Substack. What is it and why might you want to use it? Joe uses his own Substack…

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Canva for Genealogy

In this workshop you’ll learn about graphic design tool, Canva and gain ideas on how to use images within your stories to bring the past…

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Writing Formats

Are you writing long form, short form, fact or fiction? In this category we delve into various writing formats with workshops delivered by a range…

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Researching and Writing: Death

Led by historian Dr. Anna Cusack, this workshop focuses on researching and writing death in the Early Modern period (c.1600-18000). In this workshop you’ll learn…

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Creating Auntie Kate

Helen Shields (Curious Descendants Club Founding Member) has developed a unique way of telling her family history stories, via embodying the persona of her Auntie…

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Writing: Research Processes

In this category we explore various ways of writing about your family history research process – writing about how we made our discoveries.

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Timeline Tips and Tricks

In this workshop Curious Descendants Club Founder, Natalie Pithers will be showing you how timelines can be used to write a family history rich in…

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